It is the position of the American Dietetic Association and the American College of Sports Medicine that physical activity, athletic performance and recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition. The value Traction places on the link between nutrition and performance is demonstrated in the services provided by our Nutritionists and Nutrition Coaches.

Nutrition Consultation Includes:

Develop comprehensive meal plan to enhance performance, achieve an optimal body composition and maintain good health.

  •  Includes 10-12 meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also includes a variety of healthy snacks (12-15 options) to accommodate an athlete’s daily training and/or school schedule.
  • Provides recommending eating times based on an athlete’s training schedule for optimal performance and full recovery.

Identify healthy options for dining out. 

  •  We can obtain menus from restaurants frequented by each athlete to identify healthy options consistent with the meal plan.

Coordinate meal plans with the athlete’s chef (if required) to provide recommended carbohydrate, fat and protein requirements.

Provide the parents of our athletes (if under age 18) unlimited access to a dietitian by phone, email or text for two months without any additional fees.

  • Additional fee-based services are available beyond the first two months. 

Modify the athlete’s nutrition plan as necessary during the two-month period to assist with specific nutrition and body composition goals at no additional charge.

Design a nutrition supplement plan to assist with weight loss, body composition, performance, and overall health goals (if necessary). 

  • All recommended products will comply with safe testing and manufacturing guidelines as well as testing policies (NSF and Informed Choice Labs). 
  • All recommended products will only come from companies that use high-quality, raw materials. 
  • Services include weekly follow-up appointments – in-person or by phone – to review current goals, eating habits, energy levels, and effectiveness of our plan to determine if modifications are needed.

Perform monthly body fat testing to re-evaluate progress towards goals.