Traction’s team of performance specialists includes professionals in every discipline critical in maximizing success. Our Performance Specialists have degrees and certifications from accredited organizations and universities as well as tremendous athletic backgrounds. Many of our team members have have played and coached at the highest level and sustained long professional careers in sports. They understand physically and scientifically what it takes to enhance all area of athletic performance. 

  Mack Chuilli |  Chief Executive Officer/Performance Director

Mack Chuilli | Chief Executive Officer/Performance Director

   Eddie Parfait  |  CFO, Partner 

Eddie Parfait | CFO, Partner 

  Ryan Theriot |  Facility Operations & Marketing Manager, Partner

Ryan Theriot | Facility Operations & Marketing Manager, Partner

  Brad Cresse |  Director of Sports Operations

Brad Cresse | Director of Sports Operations

  Robbie Bolton |  Physical Therapist, Partner

Robbie Bolton | Physical Therapist, Partner

  Trae Duncan |  Baseball Instructor

Trae Duncan | Baseball Instructor

  Joe Morales |  Baseball Instructor/On-Site Coordinator

Joe Morales | Baseball Instructor/On-Site Coordinator

  Justin Scoirtino |  Performance Specialist 

Justin Scoirtino | Performance Specialist