Performance Enhancement Program

Many of these athletes are training for the transition from high school to college, to become a starter, or to take their game to the professional level. These training sessions are four days a week and run from 90–120 minutes in duration. This program focuses on speed and acceleration, power and strength, mobility and flexibility, conditioning, nutrition, and regeneration. Each athlete's training prescription is designed based on sport, position and goals. Every training protocol is position-specific and will include position-specific skill work.

This program is based on monthly contracts and training times are pre-determined.



  • Four days per week for one month = $295 per month per athlete ($25 per session) 

UNLIMITED TRAINING: $595 for 10 weeks (May 30 - August 3, 2017) 


  • 11:30 a.m. 
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday


These athletes are trained as a team in a private team setting. These sessions can be conducted at Traction, or at the teams training facility. Our team training is designed specifically for the particular sport and will include 60-90 minutes of speed and strength development. The pricing of this program is based on the needs of the team and the amount of players designated to the program.

*Must have 10+ players to participate as a team. 

Please contact Traction for details!

CALL FOR PRICING: 225.753.7777



These sessions are prescription designed training protocols that are implemented by our performance enhancement specialists based on evaluation, results, consultation goals, nutrition needs, sport-specific movement and strength patterns.

These sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the client and are offered in single-session, 6-session and 12-session packages. 


  • Per session (60 minutes): $90
  • 12 sessions (60 minutes): $85/session
  • 24 sessions (60 minutes): $80/session
  • 36 sessions (60 minutes): $75/session
  • Per session (30 minutes): $45/session