Traction provides a training system that generates results. Through our integrated approach, we provide a training regimen that will help each athlete maximize his/her athletic ability. Our purpose is clearly focused on decreasing injury potential, improving athletic performance and motivating through education. It is this seamlessly integrated approach that enhances the performance of each athlete.

  • Traction’s training programs are challenging, structured, and individualized to prepare all athletes and clients to perform their best. 
  • These programs are scientifically designed to achieve maximum results
  • Our athletes and clients train the same way, in the same place, and with the same intensity as our Collegiate & Professional Athletes.
  • All of our athletic programs focus on our Seven Pillars of Sports Performance: 

    Speed - the ability to maximize linear & multidirectional movement in sports

    Strength - the ability to maximize muscular strength as it relates to sport

    Power - the ability to generate explosiveness as it pertains to sport

    Conditioning - the ability to improve overall work capacity

    Mobility - the ability to improve joint & soft tissue function

    Regeneration - protocols to improve recovery from performance training and competition

    Nutrition - guidelines for proper eating habits and overall food consumption