As we approach the end of our 8th year of business here at Traction, we are really excited to update you on the future of our company. In just the last few years, Traction has grown to become one of the leading performance training facilities in the southeast region. It goes without saying that we would not be where we are today without the support that we have received from the local community, but more specifically, from our families, teams, and athletes. 

I wanted to take this moment to update you on some exciting changes as we continue to grow from a local business into a national brand. Traction is proud to announce our new partnership with Marucci Sports. Marucci has become the most used bat in Major League Baseball and was highlighted in Forbes Magazine as one of the most promising growth brands in America. They will provide each of our athletes with the finest equipment, apparel, and products needed to be successful.

With this new partnership, we are really excited (and a bit saddened) to announce that on January 1st, we will move all operations from our current facility to our new facility, Traction C.S.E. @ Marucci Sportsplex, located at 9222 Burbank Dr. (formerly known as Marucci Elite). Our new facility will encompass 20,000 sq. ft. of indoor training space, a physical therapy clinic, nutritional cafe, and multiple outdoor turf athletic fields. This move will help us provide Baton Rouge with the finest team of coaches, performance specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and orthopedic doctors as well as access to one of the top training and sports facilities anywhere in the country.

Having witnessed first hand how Marucci's CEO Kurt Ainsworth and the Marucci family have grown from a small local company into a national brand, we believe that this partnership will help provide Baton Rouge with the most well-rounded, multi-sport training program and facilities in the nation. This partnership will also spark the birth of our new sports academy called Capital City Sports Academy. This new Sports Academy will be kick started by the merging of the Marucci Baseball Program and The Riot Baseball Program. Our new baseball program will be called Capital City Baseball and called the Canes (short for hurricane with Capital City giving the teams a more specific location. These teams will be fully outfitted with Marucci uniforms and products. We are also very excited to announce the addition of former LSU great Brad Cresse to our team as the Director of Baseball Operations as well as Leslie Noren as our Director of Facility Operations.

We are extremely proud of the successful impact we have had on athletes in our local community, and with this new partnership, we are excited to work with Marucci to continue that trend. Again, thank you so much for your support over the last 8 years and your continued support moving forward.

Bests - Mack