Meet Our Team: Sherry Mockler

What is your hometown? 
St. Louis, Missouri

What is your job title and favorite part of your job at Traction?
Director of Adult Programming

My favorite part of my job  at Traction is working with Traction’s team of top-rated trainers. Our trainers work together to support not only each other, but each other’s clients and athletes as well. Every day we inspire clients, from our middle school athletes to our professionals to our adults, to bring and be their absolute best. Working around trainers like we have, who have accomplished so much in their life and sport, is like getting a dose of adrenaline and motivation every time I step into the gym. 

As Director of Adult Programming, and working largely with adults, I help people get stronger, lose weight, and embrace that sense of confidence that comes with feeling and functioning better. Working at Traction is actually not work, it’s a blessing. 

Name an interesting fact about you that a lot of people don’t know.
I participated in the Jungfrau Marathon World Championship in the Swiss Alps to celebrate my 50th birthday and finished in the top 15%. I participated in triathlons from 1997-2006 and was a top ranked female in my age group in the Louisiana Section of USA Triathlon. Prior to running and triathlons, I was a competitive water skier in the mid-west and water skied for the University of Texas-Austin and LSU.  Probably what most people find interesting though, is that I am the mother of 6 children.  

What brought you into the training/sports field?
Passion. Passion to compete to be my best. Passion to see how far I can go and then push harder. I became a strength trainer to help other’s find that as well on whatever level that is.  Being in the gym and strength training is not only about increasing performance and strength; it’s about not being scared to find out what you’re made of and then pushing beyond that every single day.  Therein lies true strength. 

What’s your favorite/one of your favorite quotes?
Search for your sport, your challenge, your own self-resuscitating obsession, and you will find the person you have the passion to become!