NFL OFF Season

This off-season program for pro athletes focuses on the rehabilitation and rejuvenation athlete’s bodies crave after the rigors of a long season. The goal is not only to help the athletes we train recover from the season but also to properly train for the next one using an unmatched training regimen that concentrates on injury prevention, regeneration, joint mobility, performance, sport-specific conditioning and nutrition. Programs are tailored based on athlete’s sport, position, injury history, and goals. These custom programs include position skill-specific work. The ultimate goal is to prolong your career and thus increase your earning potential.  Join a program that is designed and implemented by the best trainers and coaches in the industry. 


  • Scheduled 4-5 days a week ·
  • Each session lasts between 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Off-season training rates are determined by the duration of the sessions and individual needs of our athletes


Athletes can make or break their draft day status at the NFL Combine and College Pro Days. While there, a split-second or few inches can be the difference between a first round selection and a draft board tumble. Traction’s NFL Combine Development Program works to maximize ability in critical performance areas including: speed, agility, jumping, strength and conditioning. Dozens of current NFL players credit Traction with their performance at the NFL Combine and College Pro Days. For many, their results skyrocketed their stock from relative unknowns to “war room favorites.” This program is designed and implemented by our performance enhancement specialists, physical therapists and nutritionists in order to guarantee results.


  • Weekly contracts and a menu of services are available upon request.

View the 2017 NFL Combine Brochure here.