Traction has been dedicated to providing results for their clients since their inception in 2007. In a world of real time access and world class technology, Traction has set the bar with world class scientific analysis tools that provide no questions asked data. This scientific data provides vital information in the design of each clients training protocol. This integrated approach of supplementing an existing athletes training protocol with such precise scientific information will help each athlete achieve their performance goals.

InBody Body Composition Analysis


The InBody Body Composition Analysis provides a comprehensive view of your body composition balance. As the standard in body composition analysis, Traction is able to breakdown an athlete’s body into measurements of lean skeletal muscle mass, intracellular and extracellular water mass, body fat mass, and total body weight. By using this method of quantitative analysis, these measurements provide our training team with the detailed information we need to assess the stays of the body of each individual athlete we train.


The Optojump Next Training System is a groundbreaking system of biomechanics measurement and analysis. What we like to call our MRI of Human Performance, the OptoJump System is an optical measurement system consisting of transmitting and receiving detection bars on each side of the inrun, designed for high-precision analysis of reaction times, sprint patterns, jumps and other key data for sports performance. Our Opto Jump provides completely electronic measurement of contact & flight time, to a precision of 1/1000. This system gives us the capability to collect baseline performance data on each individual athlete and monitor their progression with objective data.



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