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Date of Birth
Must be 18 years of age or older – under 18 cannot be placed in a supervisory position
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Employer Address
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All references must have knowledge of your participation as a coach/teacher in youth programs (no immediate family members or relatives).
As a condition of being a coach at Traction Sportsplex, I give Traction Sports Performance permission to conduct a background check on me, which may include a review of sex offender registries, child abuse, and criminal history records. I understand that, if accepted, my status is conditional upon Traction Sportsplex receiving no inappropriate information on my background. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless from liability Traction Sportsplex, the officers, representatives or any other person or organization that may provide such information. I understand that I am subject to suspension and removal by Traction Sportsplex for violation of Traction Sportsplex rules or policies.
I certify under penalty of perjury that the above information is complete and accurate. *