Youth Sexual Abuse & Bullying Policy


As a youth-serving organization, Traction Sportsplex (Traction) considers the safety and well being of the youth in our programs a top priority. Traction defines “youth” as defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) as anyone between the ages of zero through 17 years. To that end, Traction has adopted the following Policy and Procedures in an effort to provide a safe environment for our coaches, trainers, athletes and their families. We prohibit abuse and strive to proactively address reports of this type of conduct, even if it means that someone will be embarrassed or upset. We want to hear about problems or concerns, and we will strive to act on them in a fair way in accordance with our policies.

Sexual abuse with a youth involves any sexual activity where consent is not or cannot be given. This includes sexual contact that is accomplished by force or threat of force, regardless of the age of the participants, and all sexual contact between an adult and a child, regardless of whether there is deception or the child understands the sexual nature of the activity. Sexual contact between an older and a younger child also can be abusive if there is a significant disparity in age, development, or size, rendering the younger child incapable of giving informed consent.

Youth Sexual Abuse Policy

Coach / Trainer Recruitment Procedures

  • Coach / Trainer Application and Resume– Every coach or trainer working with youth must complete Traction’s written application / resume that sets forth appropriate background information, requires disclosure of any prior claims or allegations of sexual abuse or other inappropriate conduct, and provide the names of at least three individuals as references.
  • Screening – A designated representative(s) of Traction will interview each prospective coach/trainer/volunteer.
  • Background Check – All current and potential coaches/trainers/volunteer coaches will be subject to a background check, including appropriate inquiries regarding any previous record of sexual abuse or other unlawful activity. This background check will be conducted on July 1st and are required annually.  Coaches/trainers/volunteer coaches beginning after July 1st will still be subject to a background check regardless of the number of days left before July 1st. Background checks will be conducted again July 1st.

Youth Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

  • An on-line training course must be completed and passed by each coach, trainer, volunteer coach, camp counselor. 
  • A printed copy of the completed and passed course must be turned in to Traction.
  • This training will be conducted once upon employment.

 The Following is Prohibited Behavior

  • Use of degrading language or behavior.
    • Coaches and trainers are responsible for stopping disrespectful behavior between team members, including sexual harassment.
  • Committing any sexual offense against, or engaging in any sexual contact with, a youth.
  • Sexual advances, or engaging in a verbal, or a physical sexual nature with a youth.
  • Leaving a group and moving to an unsupervised area.
  • Non-related one on one, adult to child, interaction except in an emergency where following this policy would be dangerous to the child.
    • In an emergency situation, to which this Policy is not able to be adhered, the coach, trainer, or volunteer must contact a representative of the Traction Abuse Committee / Human Resource personnel to inform him of this contact and the reason for it.
    • If a child is receiving individual instruction or working with a private coach, this activity must be in a public setting rather than behind closed doors. In the event of an unplanned 1-1, the trainer/coach must move to an area where the trainer/coach and child can be seen. If the trainer/coach needs to speak or work with the child alone, stay in an area where both can be seen.

Reporting of Suspected Youth Sexual Abuse

  • Traction will take all allegations, suspected acts, or evidence of sexual abuse seriously.
  • The designated Traction Abuse Committee / Human Resource Personnel will act expeditiously and thoroughly on
    • any and all reported allegations or suspected acts of sexual abuse,
    • any infraction of this Youth Sexual Abuse Policy.
  • Formal reporting to authorities (Child Protective Services, local law enforcement, or National Children’s Alliance) may be necessary.
  • Any coach or trainer in question may be temporarily suspended from duties while a query takes place.
  • The confidentiality of any person (or persons) who makes such a report will be protected to the best of the Traction Abuse Committee’s ability.


  • Traction’s objective is to conduct a fair and impartial investigation;
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to keep the matters involved in the allegation as confidential as possible, while still allowing for a prompt and thorough investigation;
  • Traction and its officials will report the incident to the necessary authorities as indicated.

Bullying Policy

Bullying occurs when there is an imbalance of power and the person who is older, larger, stronger, or more aggressive uses his or her power to control or harm someone in a weaker position.  The person bullying has the intent or goal to cause harm (i.e., the act is not accidental) and the action is usually repetitious.

Prohibited Behavior

  • Examples of bullying include, but are not limited to:
    • name-calling,
    • teasing,
    • socially spreading rumors,
    • purposely leaving people out of groups by telling them they are unwanted,
    • breaking up friendships by threatening others or spreading rumors about a friend,
    • physically hitting,
    • punching, or shoving a person,
    • cyberbullying (using the Internet, email, texting, mobile phones, social media or other digital technologies to do harm to others).


  • Traction’s objective is to conduct a fair and impartial investigation;
  • Every reasonable effort will be made to keep the matters involved in the allegation as confidential as possible, while still allowing for a prompt and thorough investigation;
  • Violation of this policy could result in suspension or even termination.


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