Concussion Protocol Policy
Safe Play & Training
Medical Emergency Policy

Traction Sportsplex (Traction) is committed to ensuring the safety of its athletes and players and has implemented a Concussion Protocol Policy.  Traction follows the LA Revised Statute Title 40:1299.181 through 1299.185 and LHSAA basic concussion rules as follows:

Three Action Step Concussion Protocol

  • Education of Coaches, Parents, and Athletes:

Traction recognizes that educating key individuals about prevention and early recognition of concussions remains the most important component of improving the care of an individual with a concussion.

  1. Pertinent concussion information will be provided to all coaches, parents, and/or athletes through a concussion information sheet and/or training.
  2. Each Head Coach will complete an annual concussion recognition course provided by the Center for Disease Control accessed at
  • Removal of Athlete from Play:

An athlete who is believed to have a concussed player who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) is to be removed from play right away. Ensure that the athlete is immediately evaluated by an appropriate health care professional that day. If one is not available, the Head Coach shall make the determination whether to remove the athlete from play. The athlete’s parents or guardians about the possible concussion will be informed, and, if on hand, the fact sheet on concussions will be given.

  • Athlete Return to Play:

An athlete can return to play or practice after at least 24 hours and after Traction has obtained written permission from a health care professional. After medical clearance, Return to Play should follow a step-wise protocol with provisions as determined by a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, each licensed to practice in Louisiana as well as a delayed Return To Play upon return of any signs or symptoms.

Safe Play and Training / Medical Emergency Policy

If and when appropriate, Traction will:

  • Limit contact during sports practices.
  • Implement rule changes and/or ban or limit the use of certain drills or techniques to help reduce the chances of injury.
  • Check sports equipment often to ensure the equipment fits the athletes well, is in good condition, stored properly, and repaired and replaced based on manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Encourage parents and athletes to follow this same equipment management.

Traction will maintain an Emergency Action Plan that includes contact information for local emergency medical responders and the location of trauma centers.


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